This category features a number of blog posts and guides that I’ve written around ecommerce customer acquisition, various different ecommerce platforms, guidance around using and configuring Magento and generally providing a positive customer experience. The pieces are based on my experience of working in and around ecommerce for agencies, in-house and as a consultant.

  • Shopify Plus

    Getting around the Shopify Product Variants Limit – Workarounds & Approaches

    One of the most common frustrations for those using or considering using Shopify and Shopify Plus is the limit to 100 variants (and the limit to 3 options) on a single product. Although I’ve been told recently that, if you’re working with the right partner, the limit can be lifted – I decided to write…

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  • Magento Commerce vs Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) – Platform Comparison

    I originally wrote this article in 2015 and decided to update it in June 2019, as both platforms have evolved a lot over the last 2-3 years (including the names) and I was previously focusing on Magento 1.x and Demandware, pre the Salesforce acquisition. The latest version of this article is focused on Magento 2.3…

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  • Shopify Google Analytics Integration Best Practice – with Ed Upton from Littledata

    Over the last year or so, I’ve worked on a number of Shopify Plus builds alongside Littledata, who have supported the client in achieving a ‘best practice’ eCommerce Google Analytics setup. Although Littledata works with all eCommerce platforms, they’re well-known for their Shopify app which automates a large part of the Google Analytics setup process,…

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  • Shopify Forms – Using Formstack for advanced forms in Shopify

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working with a client and a couple of people from WeMakeWebsites (their development agency) to find (and validate) a solution to a requirement for advanced forms. The requirements for the forms are: The form must be in-line on the page to allow for email validation and address…

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  • An introduction to Magento Page Builder – Managing Content with Magento

    With so much core functionality, as well as likely the biggest eco-system for integrations and extensions, it’s easy to see why Magento is so popular – however, one of the biggest weaknesses of the platform has historically been content management – particularly for brands and higher-end retailers focused on content. The content management capabilities in…

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  • Pros and Cons of Magento 2 – A Detailed, Post-Adobe View

    Magento is one of the most mature eCommerce platforms in the world, and it has, for quite some time, been seen as the market leader in the mid-market eCommerce platforms space, globally. With such a broad range of customers and its strong native offering, it would seem on first glance that Magento should be the…

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  • Tags vs Metafields in Shopify & Shopify Plus

    Over the last couple of years we’ve been working with Shopify Plus a lot – be it via functional discovery, hands-on replatforming support or project managing builds. One of the biggest things that needs to be ‘discovered’ with Shopify is the architecture of product data, particularly when you’re migrating from a platform like Magento or…

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  • Introduction to PIM for eCommerce – Benefits of PIM & Popular PIM Solutions

    What is a PIM? A PIM (which stands for “Product Information Management”) solution is designed to manage complex product information and data, act as the global master for product information and support the passing of data into different systems. A PIM could be an on-premise solution or cloud-based and would provide a dedicated interface for…

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