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We operate as a project team made up of two highly experienced Magento Developers and two Magento Solutions Consultants and we provide consulting services around all things Magento. We’ve worked with a host of Magento Enterprise and Community merchants (from all over the world) and have helped to resolve specific technical problems, plan re-platforming projects, complete RfPs and agency selection projects, resolve SEO issues and much more.

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We’ve worked with some of the biggest Magento merchants in the world, across a number of different types of projects (around development and digital marketing). Our team is made up of experienced and certified Magento consultants and developers, who provide impartial auditing and consulting services around the Magento platform.

Our biggest strength is the broadness of our services and we can provide assistance with anything from Magento integrations to Google Analytics implementations. Examples of recent projects include code audits, partner validation, Magento integrations, module development, Enhance eCommerce implementation, project discovery and RfPs.

Areas covered

  • Magento agency / partner selection (and full RfP management)
  • Magento re-platforming consulting (around any aspect of the migration)
  • Magento Integration consulting
  • Agency / developer validation
  • Scoping and fixing specific Magento technical problems
  • Google Analytics issues (setup, tracking issues, general enhancements etc)
  • Internationalisation with Magento
  • Customer experience & CRO consulting
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More information on the process

We’re not an agency; our services are focused purely on resolving problems and are ad-hoc, based on a flat hourly rate. In order to work most effectively on your project (if it’s a technical project), we generally ask for SSH access, Git access and full Magento admin access – although we can be flexible on this.

We tend to act as an extension to in-house development resource or agencies, rather than take on full projects, however we’re very flexible on that front. If you have any questions around our experience or how we work, please fill in the form below.

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