More Information

In addition to larger technical projects, I’ve also worked in situations where I’ve taken ownership of specific projects or functions within Magento – I’m generally quite flexibile on how you want me to support a project. The role that I’m generally brought in for would either be as a broader eCommerce Consultant (focused on broader areas than just Magento functions), or as a Magento Solutions Architect. Occasionally, I do also operate as a Project Manager on Magento build projects.

If you would like to discuss a project, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss if it’s a good fit.

Areas Covered

  • Magento agency / partner selection (and full RfP management)
  • Magento replatforming consultancy
  • Magento integration consultancy
  • Agency / developer validation
  • Scoping and fixing specific Magento technical problems
  • Google Analytics issues (setup, tracking issues, general enhancements etc)
  • Customer experience consultancy

More Information on the process

We’re not an agency; our services are focused purely on resolving problems and are ad-hoc, based on a flat hourly rate.

We tend to act as an extension to in-house development resource or agencies, rather than take on full projects, but we’re very flexible on that front. If you have any questions around our experience or how we work, please fill in the form below.