This category features a number of blog posts and guides that I’ve written around ecommerce customer acquisition, various different ecommerce platforms, guidance around using and configuring Magento and generally providing a positive customer experience. The pieces are based on my experience of working in and around ecommerce for agencies, in-house and as a consultant.

  • Selling to Macao (and China) on Shopify / Shopify Plus

    Over the last 12 months, a number of our clients have asked us about operating a Shopify Plus store (or via an existing global or ROW store) in the Chinese region of Macao, following a significant uplift in premium brands opening physical stores in the region. Why Macao? Macao, often compared to Las Vegas, is…

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  • Using Seperate eCommerce Creative / Design & Development Agencies – Pros & Cons

    Our average client typically falls into two categories; a traditional premium or luxury brand with multiple channels or a high-growth DTC brand – with our remit often focused on scoping, governing and managing the launch or re-launch of their eCommerce store. One big trend that’s come off the back of the pandemic is these brands…

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  • eCommerce Product Builders & Configurable Products – Considerations, UX Best Practices & Examples

    Over the last few months, we’ve been working with a number of eCommerce clients on creating, simplifying and optimising product builders and product configuration processes – with this being a key part of their business and an opportunity to drive improvement in conversion rates and AOV, most notably. These types of products can also be…

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  • eCommerce Cart Drawers – Examples, Technologies & UX Best Practices

    Over the last 12-18 months, cart drawers (or pushcarts or slide-out carts) have surged in popularity, starting as a trend coming out of modern, high volume sites and progressing into a fairly mainstream inclusion in lots of eCommerce sites. Following some really nice implementations and positive results, cart drawers have become an obvious inclusion in…

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  • Centra eCommerce Platform Review – DTC & Wholesale eCommerce Platform

    I first started looking at Centra a couple of months ago, when a Scandinavian fashion brand we’ve been working with brought it to the table when we were assessing different options. When it was suggested, I assumed it was like a lot of the other platforms currently entering the market, but I was very surprised…

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  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday eCommerce Optimisations & Quick Wins

    In my September newsletter, I made some recommendations on optimisations and features that can help to maximise the peak through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as post Cyber Weekend demand uplift. The following suggestions are things we’ve done before or things that we’ve seen work from working with various different clients across Europe…

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  • eCommerce Roadmap Ideas and Inspiration – eCommerce Best Practice & Innovation

    I decided to create this blog post as a resource for people building out an eCommerce roadmap, with lots of examples of best practices and innovation for inspiration. I write a monthly email with examples of some of the best things I’ve seen in eCommerce that month and I’m basically then publishing those examples here. …

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  • END Clothing

    Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms Guide – Platform Comparison + Replatforming Guidance

    I originally wrote this guide in 2015 and have then updated it a number of times since then, as the platform options and capabilities have changed. I last updated this piece in August 2020. You can jump to the different sections via the links below. Requirements Gathering & Considerations Existing Platform & Setup Budgeting for…

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