This category features a number of blog posts and guides that I’ve written around ecommerce customer acquisition, various different ecommerce platforms, guidance around using and configuring Magento and generally providing a positive customer experience. The pieces are based on my experience of working in and around ecommerce for agencies, in-house and as a consultant.

  • Headless Shopify Introduction + Examples of Headless Shopify & Shopify Plus Implementations

    Over the last ~12-18 months, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at headless frameworks and which eCommerce platforms are suitable and best suited, to a headless approach. Most platforms are currently building out APIs to allow for headless builds and a number of platforms (such as ElasticPath and Commerce Tools) build their offering…

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  • Magento 2 Commerce vs Shopify Plus

    Magento Commerce and Shopify Plus are almost unquestionably the two most mainstream mid-market eCommerce platforms in the world – with both offering very different feature-sets and propositions to brands and retailers. This guide provides a detailed comparison across all aspects of the two platforms, including native feature-sets, cost of ownership, extensibility, infrastructure, SEO, eco-system, international,…

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  • Shopify Plus vs Shopify & Shopify Advanced – When to Use or Upgrade to Shopify Plus

    Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus are versions of Shopify platform, offering different levels of flexibility and feature-sets for different sizes of business. Lots of retailers will start on a lower plan of Shopify and then gradually upgrade as their turnover or requirements change, getting to a point (which is different for different retailers) where Shopify…

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  • Shopify Plus

    Shopify Plus Multi-Currency vs Setting Up Multiple Stores

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve been asked for advice on structuring international setups by a number of Shopify Plus retailers – with that advice differing depending on objectives and operational restraints.  What is Shopify Multi-Currency Earlier this year, Shopify released a multi-currency feature for Plus users, which allows retailers to display multiple currencies on…

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  • Magento Page Builder Alternatives – Solutions for Magento Open Source & Richer Content Management

    One of the most common frustrations with eCommerce platforms that I hear from clients and retailers in general is content management, with very few mainstream eCommerce platforms having a good offering in this area. Whilst the likes of Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud have added a page building solution and Shopify Plus have broadened their…

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  • Klevu Search for

    Review of Klevu Search – eCommerce Search Engine Solution

    Following on from my review of NOSTO recently, I decided to write a detailed review of Klevu; a leading eCommerce search engine for mid-market and enterprise online retailers. I first became aware of Klevu in ~August 2015, when I met Founder Nilay Oza in New York. Following this meeting, I ended up consulting for Klevu…

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  • Open Source eCommerce Platforms – Enterprise & Mid-Market Options

    Choosing an eCommerce platform can be a long and difficult process, whether it’s a replatforming exercise, a completely new build or anything in between. Aside from just building business and functional requirements and looking at TCO etc, coming up with a shortlist of potential platforms typically involves looking at in-house teams and resources (both technical…

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  • Alternative payment providers to Shopify Payments + pros and cons

    Over the last couple of years, I’ve had a number of clients who have ended up in a very frustrating position with Shopify Payments – generally down to them not being eligible to use it or having stores where it’s not available. For those of you that aren’t aware of how Shopify Payments works, it…

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