I’ve worked on replatforming and other eCommerce technology projects of all shapes and sizes and have more recently focused on Shopify Plus as one of our two primary platforms (with Magento Commerce). Our most common briefs are to validate Shopify Plus for complex projects and provide hands-on support through replatforming projects.

We also take on specific Shopify Plus projects, such as upfront requirements gathering and platform selection or just validating an approach to international setup, for example.

We’ve worked with the majority of core Shopify Plus technology partners and have supported integrations with a wide range of systems. We don’t provide any development services around replatforming, we only support projects, gather requirements, architect solutions and take ownership of specific deliverables.

Examples of Shopify Plus retailers we’ve worked with include Bulletproof, The Science Museum, Trotters, Current Body, Beyond Retro and lots more.

We’ve been working with Paul for around six months and he’s become an extension to our in-house eCommerce team – supporting some great initiatives and helping us roll out lots of new functionality on our Shopify Plus store. Paul’s knowledge of Shopify Plus and eCommerce generally has been a huge help for us! Paul has delivered considerable improvements to our site search, helped to roll out a personalisation solution and supported our marketing and eCommerce teams in implementing lots of other new pieces of functionality. Paul was also invaluable in delivering the Shopify replatforming project.


About Me

  • Work primarily with the Magento and Shopify Plus projects, but also have experience of working with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and BigCommerce, amongst others.
  • Been working in eCommerce for over 10 years, covering both technical eCommerce areas and digital marketing.
  • Magento 1 & 2 Solutions Specialist
  • One of the world’s only Shopify Plus consultancy partners
  • Generally tend to work with retailers in the UK (where we’re based) and the US.

Paul is a guy who knows ecommerce. Recently for a project for Go-To Skincare I contacted Paul to get an impartial view of the pros and cons of the Shopify Plus platform. Not only did Paul help in that regard I continued to stay in touch with him as the project progressed. He shared invaluable advice on setting up and running a big migration project into the Shopify Plus platform as well as tips and gotchas to worry about as we moved towards launch. His advice contributed to the overall success of the project and I would love to work with him further.


Services we provide around Shopify Plus

  • Hands-on project support (e.g. data migration, initial setup etc)
  • Build project management
  • Solution architecting and guidance around best practice
  • Initial project requirements gathering
  • Creational of project specifications and feature definition
  • Technology selection (e.g. search, personalisation engine, visual merchandising, ESP, loyalty etc)
  • Partner validation / selection

Experience with Shopify Plus

We’ve been involved in around 15 Shopify Plus projects now, with our remit ranging from validating the platform against alternatives to managing / delivering the whole project to just working on the RfP.