What we do

Myself and my colleague Shamoli both operate as very hands-on eCommerce Solutions Consultants and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of eCommerce platforms and eCommerce technology partners. The work we do is generally 50% very hands-on replatforming & platform management support and 50% eCommerce platform selection / RfP process support etc.

We’ll never move away from being hands-on with the platforms we work with as we’ve found this to be hugely valuable in the types of projects we work on. The more hands-on projects are generally focused on architecting solutions (e.g. improving product attribution, multi-store setups, internationalisation, new channels, introduction of new technologies, integrations etc), project planning, data migration, end-to-end implementation of new technologies (such as search, shipping or visual merchandising technologies) etc. We really enjoy being hands-on Solutions Specialists and generally operate as an extension of an in-house team to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Who we tend to work with

We try to work very closely with our clients, who generally tend to be in the £1m-£30m online turnover bracket, with a few exceptions. Examples of recent clients include HMV, Waterford, Wedgwood, Bulletproof.com, Trotters Childrenswear, O’Neills, The V&A, Science Museum Group, Sony PlayStation, Dr Martens, MUJI and lots of others.

We prefer to be very hands-on with clients and we’re not enterprise-focused consultants – we consider ourselves more subject matter experts who like to get their hands dirty. We have experience of working with lots of eCommerce platforms directly, including Magento, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopware, BigCommerce, SAP CX / Hybris etc.

How we work

How we work varies a lot – we generally tend to mostly do fixed scope, fixed price projects, which allows us to provide a very clear deliverable –  examples of these kinds of projects we’ve taken on recently include:

  • Delivery and optimisation of a new search function
  • Solutions support through a replatforming project
  • Replatforming requirements gathering and creation of specifications
  • Tender management
  • Platform selection support
  • Delivery of a visual merchandising solution
  • Delivery of a site-wide personalisation solution
  • Delivery of a new shipping solution

Although we tend to work on fixed scope most of the time, we do ocasionally take on ad-hoc agreements (based on us being given ad hoc tasks on an hourly rate) and retained clients. Bulletproof and O’Neills are both examples of clients where we’ve been retained as an extension of their team to take ownership of technical projects and delivery of new functionality etc.