About Us

We are a small eCommerce and Magento consultancy, based in Central London. Our focus is primarily on eCommerce replatforming projects, Magento-specific areas and other technical areas of eCommerce. Paid media is also a new area to us, which we launched when Josh Duggan joined the team (a senior paid & data consultant). Although this a new service, we already work with a number of large eCommerce companies and we’re developing an offering that is focused on management, but also providing guidance on technical aspects and CX considerations – in order to drive a better return.

We’re a very small team (two full-time, one part-time) and we don’t want to be big. We’re solely focused on building really strong offerings in the areas that we’re good at.

Who We Work With

We try to work very closely with our clients, who generally tend to be in the £1-£20m online turnover bracket, with a few exceptions of larger companies. The brief we work on varies from client to client – for example brands like Linda Farrow and O’Neills are both focused on Magento, whereas Odlo and Nestle are both focused on user experienced – another core offering is requirements gathering and platform selection, which is generally more of a one-off project.

Josh, our Head of Paid & Data, also manages the paid media for a number of well-known brands, such as Linda Farrow, O’Neills, MyWalit, Drummonds, Lapicida and GEAR4.

Although a lot of our longer-serving clients are based in the UK, we’ve also worked with lots of brands in the US and Paul tends to travel there around once a quarter in order to service these clients.

How We Work

How we work varies a lot – as we have two core sets of services, which are split across paid media (Josh) and eCommerce consultancy (Paul). We also work for some clients on a retained basis and some one-off projects.

Paul tends to work solely on eCommerce projects, which would generally be either Magento consultancy, eCommerce platform requirements gathering & RfP management, Magento code audits (we work with two very senior contract Magento developers) and user experience work.

Josh, who is the Head of Paid Media & Data, works primarily on paid media (across paid search, display and paid social) management or consulting services. Josh does also do occasional data projects, which are more focused on creating dashboards and eCommerce reporting.

Services We Provide



Consulting around all aspects of a replatforming project.


RfP / RfI

RfP management for eCommerce projects.



Requirements gathering and creation of project specifications.


Paid Media

eCommerce paid search, display and social management.


Magento Consulting

Consulting around all aspects of running and extending a Magento store.


Magento audits

Impartial Magento code audits, performance audits and UX audits.


The Team

Paul Rogers

Managing Director Core Skills Magento, eCommerce, Replatforming, Requirements Gathering, User Experience

Josh Duggan

Director Core Skills Paid Search, Display, Paid Social, Analytics, Reporting

Eva Valenova

eCommerce Consultant Core Skills eCommerce, Merchandising, Magento, User Experience, Google Analytics

Emily Gaffney

Paid Media Consultant Core Skills Paid Search, Paid Social, Display Advertising

Our Network