eCommerce Project Planning & Requirements Gathering

We frequently work with eCommerce businesses that are replatforming or performing a significant upgrade to their existing system, with the intention of creating a more solid specification and providing guidanceĀ around the features being included. We’ve completed a host of projects of this nature, most commonly with the Magento platform – either as part of a replatforming project or a Magento 2 migration – however we do work with other platforms (it just requires more time on our side matching features against native functionality and third parties etc).

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We’d generally start this process with a discovery call or meeting, with a view to ensure that we’re a good fit for each other and that there’s a need for us to be involved. Once we’ve done this, we’d then go into detail on where we’re needed and start planning the workshop sessions. The workshop sessions would be focused on uncovering the requirements for the project and assigning them to different phases, which would also require a discussion. Once we’ve completed these sessions, we’d then start building the functional / project specification document, which would then be used to either get quotes from prospective suppliers or internally as the project plan.

Key Focal Areas

  • Initial Project Discovery (objectives around the project, project risks, key systems, key stakeholders, timescales etc)
  • Front-end / design discovery (discovery around the front-end / design aspects of the project)
  • Functional discovery session (discovery around new features, existing functionality that needs to be replicated, integrations, data migration etc)
  • Creation of project specification (with features / requirements mapped against phases, using the MOSCOW methodology)
  • Optional involvement in RfPs / future phases
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More Information on the process

We’d generally want to run a lot of the phases of the project via face to face meetings, however, we’ve done them remotely with international retailers in the past. In most cases, it’d just be Paul running the project, however in some instances, we’d bring in an additional technical consultant if there are large integrations that need to be spec’d out.

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