eCommerce Effectiveness Audit

The full eCommerce audit we provide is designed to cover all aspects of your eCommerce operation, ranging from the effectiveness of your technology stack, the suitability of your eCommerce platform, third parties being used, customer acquisition effectiveness, front-end UX, customer communications, analytics & reporting and your team.

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The audit we provide is completely bespoke and would be focused on an agreed scope, based on your pain points and overall objectives going into the project.

More Information

Our core team comprises Paul (focused on eCommerce technology and UX), Josh (focused on paid media, analytics and reporting) and Eva (focused on merchandising and eCommerce) – we also then bring in other consultants where needed, often to cover a specific type of technology. As well as reviewing the areas listed on this page, we’d also conduct stakeholder interviews to analyse pain points and skills and capabilities.

The audit would generally take around 1-2 working weeks to complete and we’d usually ask for 4 weeks (minimum) to complete the project.

Common Focal Areas

  • Technology stack (eCommerce platform, server infrastructure, back office systems etc)
  • Customer experience (customer comms, merchandising functions, front-end UX, reviews / social proof, performance review, checkout, payment options etc)
  • Data handling, CRM, analytics and reporting
  • Customer acquisition analysis (effectiveness of individual channels and use of budget)
  • Team skills analysis and process review

What we’d need from you

We’d generally require an initial discovery meeting, access to key members of your team for interviews / workshops, access to your server, access to your eCommerce platform, access to your analytics platform(s) and any other key systems you use. We’d also likely have questions throughout the process so we’d usually request a product owner on your side.