The audits we provide are completely bespoke and would be focused on an agreed scope, based on your pain points and overall objectives going into the project.

Examples of retailers we’ve worked on eCommerce audits include Fiskars Group (Waterford, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton etc), MUJI UK & US, Byredo, Strax GmbH, Beyond Retro, and many others.

More Information

I act as the lead on all of the eCommerce audits (I am generally focused on eCommerce technology and CX) and work with other colleagues to cover additional areas where needed (generally another eCommerce Solutions Consultant and Josh, my business partner who is focused on customer acquisition and data). We then also bring in other consultants where needed, for example, someone to cover additional retail systems or assess the skills and capabilities of your team.

Although the core focus of our audits is generally on customer experience, business aspects and technology – we have provided broader eCommerce audits where we’ve conducted stakeholder interviews and analysed additional areas of the business.

Our average audit would take between 2-4 weeks to complete, however, this varies a lot based on the scope of the project.

Common focal areas

  • Technology stack (eCommerce platform + key third parties, retail systems, server setup, integration solutions etc)
  • Customer experience (core template review, customer comms, merchandising activity & tools, front-end UX, payments, mobile UX and effectiveness, post-pruchase experience, checkout, customer account etc)
  • Data handling, CRM, analytics and reporting
  • Customer acquisition analysis (effectiveness of individual channels and use of marketing budget)
  • Team skills analysis and process review

The scope of an average eCommerce audit

The scope of an average audit that we’d complete would generally focus on the following:

  • eCommerce platform – Is the platform right? Are key features being utilised? Are integrations working effectively? Does the platform allow the business to scale? Is the platform stable and secure? Could the technologies work better together?
  • Customer experience – Are the priorities right? Is the UX as effective as it could be for key groups of users? Is the mobile UX strong enough? Should additional third-party technologies be used?
  • Investment – Are we getting a good return on investment? Are we spending money on the right areas? Should we be investing more or less on technology?

These are common areas we’d cover – but the scope varies massively per client.

Testimonial – Fiskars Group

“Paul is an invaluable resource for any eCommerce business. He knows Magento and Shopify Plus inside out and most importantly has expertise in the technical setup, third-party tech and user experience principles which transform eCommerce performance.

The comprehensive audit and platform recommendations he delivered for a global brand portfolio had a huge impact and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any business looking to grow eCom sales whether a startup or large corporation.”

Lucas Yelland – eCommerce & Digital Marketing Director

Our auditing proposition

  • We’re completely impartial and technology agnostic
  • Our small team are very niche and specialist
  • We’ve worked with eCommerce businesses of all sizes from all over the world
  • We’ve worked with a wide range of eCommerce technologies, ranging from platforms (such as Magento, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud), retail systems, analytics platforms, search solutions, merchandising tools etc.
  • We’re a small team, not a global consultancy

What we’d need from you

We’d generally require an initial discovery meeting, access to key members of your team for interviews / workshops, access to your server, access to your eCommerce platform, access to your analytics platform(s) and any other key systems you use. We’d also likely have questions throughout the process so we’d usually request a product owner on your side.