eCommerce Replatforming Consulting

I’ve worked as an impartial eCommerce Consultant on a host of replatforming projects, with my role generally being focused on platform / technology selection / validation. Although the majority of my experience has been with large Magento projects, I’ve also worked with various other eCommerce platforms, such as Demandware / Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopware and Shopify Plus.

The most common remit I’d cover would be assisting in managing the requirements gathering, platform selection / validation and RfP / ITT phases, as detailed below. I generally charge for this process as a fixed fee, based on the amount of time I think each aspect of the process will take.

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I’ve been working in and around eCommerce for around 10 years, working with online retailers of all sizes. Over the last 5 years, I’ve been focusing more on the technology and customer experience aspects, having previously worked more on strategy and customer acquisition.

My remit as part of these projects would generally be focused on defining requirements, helping merchants understand what’s possible with the platform(s) they’re looking at, recommending third party solutions and helping with selecting a new development / eCommerce partner.

Areas Covered

  • Setting of business objectives, project objectives, partner requirements and risks
  • Requirements gathering / project scoping – creation of full functional specification
  • Platform validation – analysis around whether requirements are native, require a third party or require a customisation against each platform being
  • Creation of tender / RfP documentation
  • Partner recommendations – recommendations on system integration partners for the project, based on the agreed partner requirements
  • Management of the RfP process – arranging meetings, defining selection / rating criteria etc
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More Information on the process

A big part of this exercise is about defining what’s really needed within a project and deciding what can be built into a phase two or the post launch backlog. Custom requirements often increase project costs disproportionately and also slow the project down, so I would generally help define what’s business critical and what can be pushed back as a p2 requirement.

Often, another key focus is looking at what can be improved without needing development work, via native functionality – for example, rule-based category merchandising processes, better use of product attributes, improved reporting, automating specific functions, better data capture etc. This would all be factored into the requirements and then assessed against different platforms (if you’re considering different eCommerce platforms).

Roughly 50% of the eCommerce replatforming projects I work on are now multi-platform, so one of the biggest elements is defining what’s native and what requires a third party or customisation against the different platforms, in order to make an informed decision. This is something that I have a lot of experience with, particularly with Magento Enterprise and Community and Shopify Plus. I’ve also worked with Demandware / Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle platforms and Shopware.

The process would generally involve two days’ discovery, me going away 

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