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Welcome to the paulnrogers blog, which is largely focused on eCommerce technology (mostly eCommerce platforms), replatforming and customer experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
  • eCommerce Roadmap Ideas and Inspiration – eCommerce Best Practice & Innovation

    I decided to create this blog post as a resource for people building out an eCommerce roadmap, with lots of examples of best practices and innovation for inspiration. I write a monthly email with examples of some of the best things I’ve seen in eCommerce that month and I’m basically then publishing those examples here. …

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  • END Clothing

    Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms Guide – Platform Comparison + Replatforming Guidance

    I originally wrote this guide in 2015 and have then updated it a number of times since then, as the platform options and capabilities have changed. I last updated this piece in August 2020. You can jump to the different sections via the links below. Requirements Gathering & Considerations Existing Platform & Setup Budgeting for…

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  • Migrating historic order data when replatforming – why it’s important and other impacts

    Whether or not retrospective order data should be migrated when replatforming is a debate that seems to come up a lot for us with projects, with agencies or clients often having a reason not to migrate the data and instead start fresh or just migrate recent orders. This is a question that will generally come…

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  • Shopify & Shopify Plus Launch Checklist – Pre & Post Launch Tasks & Checks

    Launching a new eCommerce store or replatforming is always a very stressful time, no matter how much time and resource you’ve allocated to the project and preparing for the launch. Although Shopify is generally a much cleaner process than with other platforms, things can still go wrong and it’s vital to put a strong testing…

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  • Shopify Plus Pricing & Cost of Ownership

    For merchants of any size, from new retail brands right up to enterprise-level international organisations, moving to a new eCommerce platform can be an extremely daunting and challenging prospect. Aside from ensuring that the required functionality is present, the platform is robust and reliable and the transition to the new platform is meticulously planned, merchants…

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  • Magento Websites – The Biggest & Best Magento Examples

    I’ve been working with Magento since ~2009 and have worked on Magento implementations of all shapes and sizes. I originally wrote this blog post in ~2012 as a resource for people looking for examples of different types of Magento implementations (commerce, open-source, headless, B2B, DTC etc) and I’ve updated it most years since then. This…

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  • Best DTC (direct-to-consumer) brand eCommerce websites

    One of the biggest growth areas in retail over the last few years has undoubtedly been direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. These young, disruptive brands are moving fast to shake up the retail space and get in front of their target consumers, without the need for a traditional retail middleman. With total control over their brand and…

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  • Best Shopify Plus Website Examples

    Over the last ~24 months, Shopify Plus has seen huge growth – both in terms of merchants moving across to the newly more enterprise-orientated platform and in their reputation as a mid-level / enterprise-level contender. Shopify Plus offers a host of benefits against other systems, including being provided as a hosted SaaS solution (as opposed to…

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