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Welcome to the paulnrogers blog, which is largely focused on eCommerce technology (mostly eCommerce platforms), replatforming and customer experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
  • Introduction to Contentful for eCommerce Projects

    Until fairly recently, it was standard practice for an eCommerce platform to manage all aspects of an online store – from front-end presentation to order processing to product management to payment processing and so on. With the emphasis on the product catalog, merchandising and order processing, content management very often took a back seat. If…

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  • GEO IP Popups for eCommerce – Best Practice UX and Strategy

    Most of the replatforming projects we work on tend to have some level of international offering, whether that’s full multi-store-based multi-language and multi-currency or just international pricing or shipping. If you’re doing the former, you’ll probably want to be using a GEO-IP fall-back overlay to promote the correct international store to users, particularly for direct-load…

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  • Shopify Plus

    Getting around the Shopify Product Variants Limit – Workarounds & Approaches

    One of the most common frustrations for those using or considering using Shopify and Shopify Plus is the limit to 100 variants (and the limit to 3 options) on a single product. Although I’ve been told recently that, if you’re working with the right partner, the limit can be lifted – I decided to write…

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  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud New Pricing & Rough Cost of Ownership

    With most of the retailers we work with being mid-market (within the ~£5m – £25m bracket), in the past, I’ve discounted Salesforce Commerce Cloud (previously Demandware) when reviewing platform options with clients – due to a combination of build costs and licensing costs (which many others I know have done also). However, in this article,…

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  • Headless Shopify Introduction + Examples of Headless Shopify & Shopify Plus Implementations

    Over the last few months, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at headless frameworks and which eCommerce platforms are suitable and best suited, to a headless approach. Most platforms are currently building out APIs to allow for headless builds and a number of platforms (such as ElasticPath and Commerce Tools) build their offering…

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  • Magento Commerce vs Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) – Platform Comparison

    I originally wrote this article in 2015 and decided to update it in June 2019, as both platforms have evolved a lot over the last 2-3 years (including the names) and I was previously focusing on Magento 1.x and Demandware, pre the Salesforce acquisition. The latest version of this article is focused on Magento 2.3…

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  • Shopify Google Analytics Integration Best Practice – with Ed Upton from Littledata

    Over the last year or so, I’ve worked on a number of Shopify Plus builds alongside Littledata, who have supported the client in achieving a ‘best practice’ eCommerce Google Analytics setup. Although Littledata works with all eCommerce platforms, they’re well-known for their Shopify app which automates a large part of the Google Analytics setup process,…

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  • Shopify Forms – Using Formstack for advanced forms in Shopify

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working with a client and a couple of people from WeMakeWebsites (their development agency) to find (and validate) a solution to a requirement for advanced forms. The requirements for the forms are: The form must be in-line on the page to allow for email validation and address…

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