I’ve been working with Magento since ~2009 and have worked on Magento implementations of all shapes and sizes. I originally wrote this blog post in ~2012 as a resource for people looking for examples of different types of Magento implementations (commerce, open-source, headless, B2B, DTC etc) and I’ve updated it most years since then. This article was last updated in September 2020.

Magento has changed a lot over the last few years, with the introduction of Magento 2, the introduction of Magento Cloud, the acquisition by Adobe and there’s been various other fairly major product updates via version releases too (things like page builder, MSI, Adobe Sensei, native third party integrations etc). Magento’s market-fit has changed for sure, but it remains a hugely popular and powerful eCommerce platform used by some of the biggest B2B and B2C retailers in the world.

I’ve now tried to focus on Magento 2 stores only and will be adding more PWA and headless sites as more strong implementations launch. You can also read another piece I wrote on headless Magento here, which has been a big trend over the last 12-24 months – although most of the examples are also featured below.

As an introduction, some of the larger stores now on Magento 2 include:

  • Paul Smith – Large, international Magento 2 commerce implementation developed in-house.
  • Barbour – International store recently launched on Magento 2 from SAP CX Commerce.
  • END Clothing – Large Magento 2 Commerce store developed in-house.
  • Helly Hansen – Complex, heavily international Magento 2 Commerce, using cloud edition.
  • Bulk.com – High volume, international Magento 2 store using cloud edition.
  • Brewdog – Heavily customised Magento 2 Commerce (Cloud) store with B2B and B2C focus.

These are just a few examples – more (along with screenshots) can be seen below. There are now thousands of Magento 2 websites live, split across Open Source and Commerce. Some of the larger Magento implementations we’ve worked on have included oneills.com, PMT Music, The Conran Shop, Sunspel, Waterford, Wedgwood and Dr Martens.

The websites featured on this list have all been built on Magento – if you have any questions around who built the websites or if there are some I’m missing, feel free to drop me an email ([email protected]). Some of the stores have been built in-house, but the majority of them have been built by agencies in the UK or US.

I’ve highlighted and featured the following websites because I think they provide a good user experience and because of their design. Please feel free to provide feedback on my selections and recommend more Magento sites in the comments below or via Twitter.

This post was last updated in September 2020

Robert Dyas (Magento 2 Commerce)

Robert Dyas
Robert Dyas on mobile


Oliver Bonas (Magento Commerce – Headless, On-Premise)

Oliver Bonas

The Oliver Bonas website has been one of my favourite Magento implementations for a number of years and it’s got even better over time. The website leverages Magento as the commerce back-end, but has a custom Angular front-end and is very clean and very fast.


ME + EM (Magento 2 Commerce + bespoke vue.js headless frontend)

ME + EM on mobile

A highly visual site that throws off the shackles of traditional store layouts to great effect. A slide-in side menu and smart search help give this site a super clean look.


Agent Provocateur (Magento 1 Commerce)

Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur on mobile

Super high-res imagery and playful copy create an engaging on-brand experience, complemented by user-friendly navigation and one-click ‘buy the set’ shopping functionality.


Zadig & Voltaire (Magento 2 Commerce + VueStorefront)

Zadig & Voltaire on mobile

Another stunning fashion store that really grabs the eye – VueStorefront really takes this store to another level visually, with Magento left to do the back-end hard work.


Byredo (Magento 2 Commerce)

Byredo on mobile

Byredo’s style is minimal and sleek, and that is reflected in this beautifuly-designed store. The blocky style sits well with the brand, and the site is fast, pared-back and appealing.


The Conran Shop (Magento 2 Commerce)

The Conran Shop on mobile

A company founded on the principles of good design was always going to build a rich and attractive website, and The Conran Shop doesn’t disappoint. With great graphics and clear layouts, this is a firm favourite within this showcase.


Made.com (Magento Commerce + Prismic CMS)


The luxury furniture and homeware retailer has seen steady growth since its launch seven years ago. The site’s simple layout combined with strong photography and information-rich product pages makes this a winning eCommerce experience. One of my highlights is the ‘Sofasizer’ tool allowing users to visualise and select the correct size of sofa for their home.


Paul Smith (Magento 2 Commerce – On-Premise)

Paul Smith
Paul Smith

A strong store ticking many eCommerce best practice boxes, the main navigation layout and super-fast checkout particularly stand out. A nice touch is the ‘Model Wears’ shopping option on product detail pages allowing you to shop the entire look pictured.


END Clothing (Magento 2 Commerce – On-premise)

END Clothing
End Clothing

The END Clothing website has been touted as being a very strong site by the Magento community and is a great example of a high traffic Magento 2 store that’s highly optimised for peaks. Good merchandising and well thought out templates also make this site easy to use.


Paperchase (Magento 2 Commerce – On-premise)


A huge store with thousands of SKUs, there are many cool prompts across the whole site encouraging users to place an order, from stock level and ‘buy x, save x’ indicators on product pages to personalisation options and a rewards programme.


Harts of Stur (Magento 2 – PWA, via Deity)

Harts of Stur

Super fast and clearly laid-out, the Harts of Stur store blends a traditional layout and navigation with crisp, clean colours and superb performance.


Tom Dixon (Magento 2 Commerce)

Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon

As expected for Tom Dixon’s online presence, this store is super stylish, with a smart category layout that stands out from the crowd. Product pages are clean, allowing maximum space for luxurious product photos.


Bulk Powders (Magento 2 Commerce – Cloud)

Bulk Powders
Bulk Powders

The UK’s leading sports nutrition brand has recently moved from Magento 1 to Magento 2, switching at the same time to the cloud version of the platform. With 2018 turnover forecast to be in the region of £100m, the move to M2 has brought significant improvements in both page load times and conversion rates.


Helly Hansen (Magento 2 Commerce – Cloud)

Helly Hansen

A complex, global website operating 30 stores and in 6 languages, this was one of the biggest Magento Cloud projects at the time of roll out back in 2016 and includes advanced integrations with WordPress and Salesforce amongst others.


Missguided (Magento 1 Commerce)

Missguided Magento

With an annual turnover of £200+ million and 3.5 million monthly visits, the Missguided website is an enormous Magento store – holding 8 localised stores and thousands of SKUs.


Omega Watches (Magento 2 Commerce)

Omega Watches

A super sleek website with so many impressive details, the highlight is the location finder displayed throughout the site to help users locate the product they’re interested in as well as recommend the nearest boutique – listing both, own stores and third party stockists.


Osprey London (Magento 2 Commerce – Cloud)

Osprey London

UK-based retailer Osprey launched their Magento Cloud store back in April 2017 and has seen a very healthy year on year growth of 300%. The site’s smart search functionality and product video care my favourite features.


O’Neills (Magento 2 Commerce)


Launched in June 2018 on Magento 2, Ireland’s largest sportswear manufacturing company website features a rapid dynamic search function as well as an impressive kit personalisation feature.


Cox & Cox (Magento 2 Commerce)

Cox & Cox

Launched in August 2017 on Magento 2, the homeware & accessories brand’s site is full of beautiful visuals and features a really strong main navigation panel and plenty of sorting and filtering options on product listing pages.


Kurt Geiger (Magento 1 Commerce)

Kurt Geiger

A major UK shoe retailer, the Kurt Geiger site operates in a number of languages and currencies. After selecting your country, accurate shipping cost and delivery time display throughout the store. The site’s layered navigation and search functionality are really strong.


Christian Louboutin (Magento 1 Open Source)

Christian Leboutin

A huge improvement on the brand’s previous eCommerce store, the site is super minimalist with a focus on product. Visual merchandising and load speed make it a stand out shopping experience.


Wrangler Europe (Magento 1 Commerce)


Great mix of user generated content  – both visual (via Olapic integration) and in the form of product reviews – and strong eCommerce photography on this site. Other highlights include product detail page layouts and fit finder tool.


Lee Europe (Magento 1 Commerce)


Similar in set up to its big brother Wrangler, the Lee Jeans site offers a slightly edgier experience. I loved the mix of functional eCommerce product photography with more lifestyle oriented images on product landing pages.


Richer Sounds (Magento 2 Commerce)

Richer Sounds

A large store packed with product information and a library of shopping guides, the site is really customer focused with lots of helpful prompts to get in touch directly via phone or visit one of the physical locations. I particularly liked the post code look up functionality on the store finder page.


Harvey Nichols (Magento 1 Commerce)

Harvey Nichols

 A luxury multi-brand department store located in London, the online experience mirrors that of the store with plenty of high-end imagery and curated shopping edits throughout the site. The integration with Hero is really intriguing – the mobile and tablet based service lets you chat to an in-store stylist directly.


Nobel Biocare B2B (Magento 1 Commerce)

Nobel Biocare

As a B2B site, the design and styling is not on the level of its B2C counterparts but it certainly delivers on speed and amount of information displayed per each product.


Chopard (Magento 2 Commerce)


The Swiss luxury watchmaker’s store has recently moved to Magento 2. Although not transactional, the site compensates for this in other areas such as the store finder tool displaying both own store location and third party stockists globally.


Ford (Magento 1 Commerce)

Ford Accessories

Product catalog varies depending on the model of car users select on the homepage which makes for a really well optimised journey.


Micro Scooters (Magento 2 Commerce)

Micro Scooters

The mega navigation and search function are without fault. I loved the Spares & Support section of the site, plus the scooter journey calculator is really useful and a fun feature of the website.


Le Creuset (Magento 1 Commerce)

Le Creuset

The colour selection slider on product detail pages is a nice touch along with the shop by colour navigation element which is very visual and highlights the brand’s signature colourful designs.


Selco B2B (Magento 2 Commerce, on-premise, Akoova + PWA)


A clean site with a large number of products and information – both of which are well organised as sometimes these sites tend to feel messy with an overwhelming amount of information. The ‘Project Lists’ feature seems like a great, customer-centric service.


Swoon Editions (Magento 1 Commerce)


The eye-catching homepage immediately draws you into the shopping journey. Product listing page level product ‘flags’ such as ‘Available in 33 fabrics’ or ‘Express delivery’ are a nice touch.


Alex & Ani (Magento 1 Commerce)

Alex and Ani

A simple yet effective website, the order status prompt in the navigation seems like a really useful feature. I also liked the find in store elemnt displayed on product pages which lets you search an item within a 50 mile radius of your zip code.


7forallmankind (Magento 2 Commerce)


The dynamic navigation drop down is an interesting element I haven’t seen before – letting you choose between Shop by Style and Shop by Fit directly from the nav. The product page layouts have a fresh, editorial feel to them.


Oliver Sweeney (Magento 2 Commerce – Cloud)

Oliver Sweeney

One of the first major Magento 2 store launches, the Oliver Sweeney site features a strong, functional layout. The quick view size selector available on the product listing pages and multiple collapsable fields on product details pages make the shopping experience really smooth.


Land Rover (Magento 2 Commerce – Cloud)


Interesting product layout displaying two viewing options on product listing level (grid and list view) which is a nice detail. The checkout is rapid and stripped down focusing on speed and convenience of the experience.


Urbanista (Magento 2 Commerce)


A really cool and modern site, you really get a feel for the product and the lifestyle the brand represents.  The product pages are the focus of this site with bold photography, video content and sleek UCG.


Bjorn Borg (Magento 2 Commerce)

Bjorn Borg

Nice to see playful and engaging eCommerce photography, plus great use of the ‘quick buy’ feature. The mobile experience is rapid and intuitive too. Big like!


Mara Hoffman (Magento 1 Commerce)

Mara Hoffman

Interesting to see top navigation replicated as part of layered navigation. This is a really pared down site where the signature bold product designs take over. A nice quirk is the page length indicator as you scroll down the listing pages.


Bulgari (Magento 1 Commerce)


Not a transactional store, the Bulgari site provides a really luxe branded experience letting you discover product in great detail and get a feel for the brand.


Smythson (Magento 1 Commerce)


Nice to see product videos elevated to homepage and category page level without impacting site speed. The visual merchandising of the store is impeccable, too. The site operates in four localised versions and four currencies.


Cobra Golf (Magento 1 Commerce)

Cobra Golf

A US-based retailer, this site operates several international versions but is only transactional in the States. Design-wise it very much has a tech feel to it, with high gloss images of technical details of the product and really long, information-rich product landing pages. A great amount of customer reviews completes the experience.


Liverpool FC (Magento Commerce)

Liverpool FC

An immersive experience, the site delivers on product story-telling on the homepage and really hones in on the fan / consumer following of the brand with user generated content and personalisation service.


Pepe Jeans (Magento Commerce)

Pepe Jeans

Operating in 10 languages and multiple currencies, the site’s editorial lookbook pages are a great example of interesting product storytelling. I also liked the way the navigation changes styling as you move from category to category.


Oddbins (Magento Commerce)


A strong example of effective ‘quick buy’ listing page shopping where users don’t need to delve deeper into product detail pages in order to obtain basic product information (over 10 product attributes visually presented on PLP level).


Sergio Rossi (Magento Open Source, International)

Sergio Rossi

Really beautiful product pages, the on-page heel height selector and sticky ‘shop now’ button are my highlights.


Radley (Magento 1 Commerce)


The British retailer’s website offers multiple language, currency and location combinations as well as really sleek 360 product video and customer feedback on product detail pages.


Gieves & Hawkes (Magento Commerce, UK)

Gieves & Hawkes


Fred Perry (Magento Commerce, International)

Fred Perry

A super minimal store, the Fred Perry site is stripped down to the essentials and has two main journeys – the heritage / brand story content and the shopping side. I liked how the product grid layout structured around collections and has grid and list view viewing options.


Zumiez (Magento Commerce)


Operating a network of over 600 physical locations across the US, Zumiez is a multibrand streetwear and sportswear retailer stocking an extensive range of brands from Adidas to Vans. The shoppable catalog is a nice feature that bridges the offline and online experience well.


Charlotte Tilbury (Magento Commerce)

Charlotte Tilbury

A Magento success story, this store offers shopping in many different currencies and ships worldwide thanks to an integration with Borderfree. This site is packed with really amazing features so it’s very hard to pick just a couple. Favourites include the in-store appointment booking system and localised content based on your shipping destination.


If there are any Magento websites that you think I’ve missed, let me know in the comments below and I will update the post if I agree.