Magento 2 Enterprise Edition vs Shopify Plus

For online retailers, there are a wide choice of eCommerce platforms to choose from, with varying benefits and functionality. At the mid-level end of the market, the pot gets much smaller, with a relatively low number of platforms offering the levels of functionality, security and scalability that £1m… Read More

MageTitans USA – a non-developers perspective

Earlier this week, I set off from London to Austin to attend the first #MageTitansUSA event, organized by Space48 and WebShopApps / ShipperHQ (I should say early on that my flights were courtesy of the awesome MageMojo). Despite not being a developer, I’ve already been… Read More

Magento Extension Review: Gift Cards from Mageworx

For Magento store owners looking for new ways to maximise revenue, gift cards could be a lucrative new opportunity. Stores operating in the consumer goods sector, selling gifts, jewellery or homewares for example, are the most obvious candidates for a successful gift card strategy. With a little creative thinking, gift… Read More

Magento Loyalty Program Extension: Loyalty Booster from Mageworx

As many retailers will agree, getting an existing customer to shop with you again is much easier than winning a brand new customer. Finding ways to increase repeat sales should be on every retailer’s agenda, in order to make the maximum sales from the minimum marketing spend and effort. We’re all familiar… Read More

Examples of Magento 2 Websites

Following the general release of Magento 2 in November 2015, there have been a number of well-publicised stores that have either re-platformed or upgraded to the new version of Magento. Although there aren’t too many mainstream stores that have moved over at this point, there are a number of Magento 2 sites that… Read More

Product Types In Magento

We wrote recently about the differences between simple and configurable products within Magento. These product types are just two of the six distinct product types available in Magento. Understanding these product types and how to use them can help build a comprehensive catalog that is easy for the store owner… Read More

Guide to Merchandising in Magento

Merchandising is described as ‘the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets’. We are all familiar with bricks and mortar merchandising strategies, from enticing shop windows to impulse buy displays at the checkout desk. Merchandising is an important part of a… Read More