My Favourite SEO Conferences of 2011

Having joined GPMD in February, working for an agency opened up lots of opportunities to attend some great SEO events and meetups, here are the ones that I enjoyed and benefited from the most.

BrightonSEO 2011 (April and September):

For me, BrightonSEO has gone from being a must-attend event partly because it’s free to a really valuable conference with awesome speakers who deliver informative content! I would definitely pay to attend this event.

My reviews:

BrightonSEO April

BrightonSEO September

Distilled Link Building Conference London 2011 (LinkLove): 

The Distilled LinkLove event was my first big SEO conference – and I really enjoyed it! As someone that focuses on link building a lot, I found all of the presentations interesting and informative – would definitely recommend it for content and networking.

My review of LinkLove London 2011

Distilled SearchLove Conference London 2011:

Having attended the link building event in March, I was really excited about going to SearchLove, and I wasn’t disappointed. As with all of the Distilled events, this conference bought some of the biggest names in the industry together to provide a mass of actionable content.

My reviews of SearchLove London 2011 (review of each presentation)


Despite a heavily delayed train journey to Leeds for this one, ThinkVis was a great conference with faultless presentations and two awesome evening events! This event represented great value for money and the pre and post-event sessions were worth the ticket fee alone.

I was unable to find the time to review this event, but I will be sure too next year!

I enjoyed all of the events that I attended this year and would recommend each of them to SEO’s of all levels. In 2012, I’m hoping to attend Pubcon (still negotiating), Sascon, Conversion Conference and A4U as I missed them this year.

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers is an experienced eCommerce Consultant, specialising in all aspects of replatforming and eCommerce optimisation / customer experience.

Paul has worked with most mainstream eCommerce platforms and has supported complex replatforming projects with retailers from all over the world. From a solutions perspective, Paul specialises in working with Magento and Shopify Plus.

Paul is also the Managing Director of Vervaunt, an eCommerce consultancy and paid media agency based in London.

3 thoughts on “My Favourite SEO Conferences of 2011

  1. Hi Paul,

    I’m looking at attending my first conference in 2012, but with no experience of it i’m wondering which one to go for. (as a low level SEO I can only afford the one)

    In your opinion, which would be the one to go for?



    1. The BrightonSEO conferences are both awesome and free, so I would definitely recommend getting to those (although the tickets usually go pretty quick, so keep an eye on Kelvin’s Twitter).

      If you are interested in link building, LinkLove is a really good conference and tickets are available now I believe (conference is in March).

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