Ecommerce Platforms

The articles and guides in this section are generally focused on selecting an ecommerce platform, providing guidance around key features and comparisons between the different platforms. I’ve written pieces focused on more SME-level platforms (such as Magento Community and Shopify) and also enterprise-level platforms (such as Demandware, Magento Enterprise, Hybris, ATG etc).

This is an area I spend a lot of time looking into and I plan to write lots more pieces around the capabilities of different ecommerce systems and the types of merchants they’re best suited to.

When should I be looking to migrate to Magento 2?

For online retailers using Magento 1.x for their store, the question of when / if they should be moving over to Magento 2 is likely to at the front of their mind. This article is designed to help merchants understand the questions to ask when considering the move and also… Read More

Preparing for a Magento 2 ‘upgrade’ / re-build project

Since the first announcement on Magento 2, way back in 2010, the eCommerce industry waited with baited breath to see what the new version would look like. After considerably longer than anticipated in its development, Magento 2 finally saw the light of day as a beta version in… Read More

Examples of Shopify Plus Websites / Stores

Over the last 12 months, Shopify Plus has seen huge growth – both in terms of merchants moving across to the new enterprise-orientated platform and in their reputation as a mid-level / enterprise-level contender. Shopify Plus offers a host of benefits against other systems, including being fully hosted (as opposed… Read More

Examples of Magento 2 Websites

Following the general release of Magento 2 in November 2015, there have been a number of well-publicised stores that have either re-platformed or upgraded to the new version of Magento. Although there aren’t too many mainstream stores that have moved over at this point, there are a number of Magento 2 sites that… Read More