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The articles and guides in this section are generally focused on selecting an ecommerce platform, providing guidance around key features and comparisons between the different platforms. I’ve written pieces focused on more SME-level platforms (such as Magento Community and Shopify) and also enterprise-level platforms (such as Demandware, Magento Enterprise, Hybris, ATG etc).

This is an area I spend a lot of time looking into and I plan to write lots more pieces around the capabilities of different ecommerce systems and the types of merchants they’re best suited to.

Reasons to use or upgrade to Magento 2.0

With more than 250,000 stores worldwide—including B2C brands like Paul Smith and Nike AU, and B2B brands like Igepa and Zoetis — and over $50 billion in gross merchandise transacted annually on the Community and Enterprise editions,… Read More