Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a BigCommerce project for one of my longest-standing clients – which is essentially a new store that services some of their B2B customers.

I recommended BigCommerce for this project because it met a lot of the requirements with its native feature-set and the TCO and speed to market were lower than using the existing Magento store (or other platforms). We also wanted to avoid having everything in the same platform and over-complicating the B2C store.

Introducing BigCommerce’s new Multi-Currency Feature

Although most of BigCommerce’s competitors already have multi-currency capabilities, not all of them allow for fixed price lists and overriding of prices at different levels. The new BigCommerce multi-currency feature supports both flat exchange rates and fixed pricing, as well as discounts that can be applied to specific currencies and product level. The currencies are very easy to enable and manage and you’re able to set specific payment methods and even providers against the different currencies. The currencies are then displayed to users in different regions based on their IP address.

One requirement for this project was to be able to set different currencies for different customers and customer groups, which is something that BigCommerce is able to support. There’s only one store and we needed to be able to set custom pricing, which is possible, as below.

By default, the price for different currencies will be based on an exchange rate from your base currency, but you can also override these at a product level, via a % discount or a fixed price.

The pricing for the different currencies is managed via price lists in BigCommerce and you simply enable additional currencies and they then become available as editable price lists via the currency dropdown.

So for this project, each set of products is uploaded and is only relevant / assigned to a single customer group in BigCommerce – we’ve then set manual pricing against their relevant currency. We’ve then used Braintree as the payment provider to allow for us to take payment in our different currencies.

Overall – this has been a really good experience and I would recommend BigCommerce for projects of this nature.