SocialCrawlytics: A Brand new social crawler tool!

Social Crawlytics is a brand new social crawler that was released late last week by Yousaf Sekander. The new tool is a hugely useful resource as it allows you to see which pages of a website have been shared and on which social networks.

By simply entering your web address, Social Crawlytics allows you to see the amount of shares (broken down by social network) for each page of your website. You can also validate that you own a website (by uploading a file to your server) to make the crawler perform faster.

I am really impressed with this tool and plan on using it a lot in the near future!







I would recommend trying the tool for yourself –

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers is an experienced eCommerce Consultant, specialising in all aspects of replatforming and eCommerce optimisation / customer experience.

Paul has worked with most mainstream eCommerce platforms and has supported complex replatforming projects with retailers from all over the world. From a solutions perspective, Paul specialises in working with Magento and Shopify Plus.

Paul is also the Managing Director of Vervaunt, an eCommerce consultancy and paid media agency based in London.

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