Social Media

  • SocialCrawlytics: A Brand new social crawler tool!

    Social Crawlytics is a brand new social crawler that was released late last week by Yousaf Sekander. The new tool is a hugely useful resource as it allows you to see which pages of a website have been shared and on which social networks. By simply entering your web address, Social Crawlytics allows you to see…

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  • 5 New Years Resolutions for Online Retailers!

    In 2011, we’ve seen lots more e-commerce retailers step up from just applying a few generic title tags and doing a bit of sporadic link building and start working on building a real brand – which is great to see. Now, as we start to think about what we’re going to be changing once we’ve…

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  • 5 Free Tools for Social Media Benchmarking

    Social media is both highly competitive and highly rewarding for companies in most industries, which is why it’s never been more important. If you’re competing against a host of competitions within the social media marketplace – benchmarking is fundamental. By recording the activity of your competitors (and of course your own) you are ensuring that…

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