Top Demandware Sites / Stores

After writing this piece on Magento stores I like, a few people asked me to create an equivalent piece for Demandware websites. The choices of Demandware sites is mainly based on the design (across all page templates) and the overall user experience of the website, as well as usage of innovative… Read More

Guide to Selecting an Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

As a successful merchant selling online, the question of what ecommerce platform to use (or re-platform to) is always a really tough decision to make. Enterprise ecommerce solutions don’t come cheap and they require a huge amount of time (and a lot of people) to implement, run and maintain. This… Read More

Magento Enterprise vs Demandware – ecommerce platform comparison

Magento Enterprise and Demandware are two of the biggest names in ecommerce, enabling medium to large retailers to effectively showcase, market and sell their merchandise online. Both platforms power online stores for a number of huge brands, including: Magento Enterprise Demandware Paul Smith Adidas… Read More