I was playing around with setting up a checkout funnel for a Shopify Plus client earlier this week and decided to publish a really quick blog post to save people making the same mistakes I made – wasting time and over complicating things.

Essentially, I was looking to create a simple goal for the checkout journey that allowed for all payment methods and statuses (e.g. logged in vs guest checkout) – I initially started by creating different regular expressions for each stage of the checkout based on the parameters used in the URL throughout the checkout process. I then realised that, although my route worked, I had to simplify my REGEX to allow for logged in users, which is when I realised I could simply use the following:

This route doesn’t lose the user when they login and allows for the different scenarios. The steps to add in are:

Destination (regular expression match): .*thank_you.*

First step: /cart (I’ve not set this as a required step as if you’re using other channels within Shopify you could bypass the cart)

Contact Information: /checkout/contact_information

Shipping: /checkout/shipping

Payment: /checkout/payment

Confirmation page: /checkout/processing

I also later found this article which is a really good guide for Shopify users looking to improve their Google Analytics setup. If you have any questions – please feel free to add in the comments below!