This week, I attended the three day Magento2 Merchant Bootcamp course, delivered by Deryck from MageTraining. I booked the course a couple of months ago, along with Lewis and Craig from Pinpoint (who are one of my consulting clients). Despite the unquestionable issues facing Magento2 at present, I wanted to get some training around the core aspects of store management, as a number of my clients are looking at upgrading next year.


I have a lot of experience with Magento 1.x, but hadn’t really used Magento 2 yet (aside from some initial testing when it was in BETA) – I also have gaps in my Magento knowledge around things like order processing, some aspects of catalog management, shipping etc, as I’ve mostly worked with Magento as a consultant – so I thought I’d book my place on the course!

The first day of the course was largely focused on managing products – providing lots of detail around things like the different types of products, managing your product catalog, creating and managing attributes and attribute sets etc. This was particularly interesting as there are a number of improvements around product setup and management in Magento 2 over Magento 1.

The second day was more focused on content, covering Magento’s OOTB CMS capabilities (and how it can be improved), emails with Magento and various aspects of marketing functions. Then we also went through managing customer data in detail.

The third and final day was focused on internationalisation with Magento, using multi-store in general (across international, B2B and other uses), all aspects of customer service management, order processing, importing data into Magento and using CSVs.

I really enjoyed the three days and learned a lot – both around how Magento 2.x differs from Magento 1 and around general store management. I would strongly recommend Deryck’s training – he’s a great trainer (really knows Magento inside and out) and his material is great! The course was also really well managed – he’d already set up full test stores for our arrival and also used things like re-indexing scripts to ensure that we were able to get the most out of the time. The venue (etc Venues in Moorgate, London) was also really good and he provided really nice food and good coffee throughout the course.

I’d definitely recommend this course (and any of his other courses) to anyone looking to up-skill their in-house merchant team (suitable for users of all levels) or members of an agency team. I’ve already recommended the course to a number of merchants I work with and will continue to do so in the future.

You can find out more about MageTraining here.