Since I began working in SEO around 3 years ago, I’ve worked with a number of hosting companies and really struggled to find a good one – until now! Having found South West Broadband.

123-Reg, my previous hosting provider are quite simply the worst company I’ve ever dealt with – that’s not limited to hosting providers! After migrating my personal website to them at the start of November, I quickly noticed that it was offline around 50% of the time and took around 30 seconds to load when it was accessible. Submitting constant support tickets and making loads of phone calls generated the following responses:

  • Our unlimited package cannot handle heavy installations like WordPress
  • Of course we can handle WordPress, it must be something you’re doing
  • I think it was a glitch with our servers, it should be resolved now
  • You need to provide us with ping responses (which I did a number of times – without a resolution)
  • It seems fine to us
  • It’s fixed now, we’ve resolved it (They hadn’t realised I’d moved hosting provider)

Their customer service was poor, the majority of my support requests were followed by excuses and links to random articles that were generally irrelevant.

Then, after leaving the company, things got even worse as they refused to provide me with a refund – despite destroying my rankings and constant downtime! It took between five and ten support tickets and one very angry phone call to actually get my money back!

As I mentioned earlier, I would strongly recommend South West Broadband as they’re honest, approachable and extremely hard working.

I would strongly recommend staying as far away from 123-Reg as possible!!!