Well Designed Shopify Websites

In this blog post we’ve collated the websites that are using Shopify that we think look the best. The Shopify websites listed below are just screenshots of the home page, but in our opinion the store front designs and other pages are equally as strong. If you think we should’ve included… Read More

Magento Community vs Shopify – Ecommerce Platform Comparison

Anyone who’s done any research around ecommerce platforms or has any experience with SME or mid-market online retail has likely come across Magento Community Edition (often referred to in this article as “Magento”) and Shopify. As two of the most popular and more accessible ecommerce platforms in the… Read More

My Top Shopify Ecommerce Websites

Last year I wrote an article which showcased the best Magento websites, which received a lot of great feedback and became a resource for lots of people. So, I decided to do the same with Shopify – an ecommerce platform that I’m a huge… Read More