We’ve delivered audits for some of the largest Magento merchants in the world, whilst also helping to provide insight into core technical and structural issues and highlighting opportunities to improve all aspects of SEO.

More Information

We’ve worked on some of the biggest Magento stores from all over the world – helping to resolve complex SEO issues and regain lost organic visibility and revenue. The audit reports that we provide are very comprehensive and are focused on outlining actions for the different parties involved in the project. As part of the audit, we would provide a prioritised list of actions, based on impact and complexity, which would be assigned to internal team members, developers and a third party (if applicable). The reports are focused on all aspects of SEO and designed to outline what needs to be done in the short-term and over the course of the next 6-18 months.

We’ve delivered huge improvements as part of the audits, ranging from migration recoveries to > 50% increases in organic traffic and revenue.

Areas Covered

  • Magento configuration review
  • Review of Magento rewrites
  • Review of use of extensions
  • Analysis around indexation issues
  • Review of product setup (issues with configurable and simple products for example)
  • Review of use of dynamic pages (handling of layered navigation, search pages, pagination etc)
  • Crawl analysis (use of directives, unnecessary use of crawl budget etc)
  • Structural review
  • Top-level link audit
  • Visibility analysis (looking into / diagnosing peaks and drops)
  • Recommendations around link building activity

We got in touch with Paul to do an initial SEO audit and provide consultancy after a problematic migration to Magento, which resulted in a considerable decline in our organic traffic and revenue. Paul completed the audit and then worked with us on implementing the fixes and guiding our developers, which helped to claw back the visibility that we’d lost quickly.

Two months on, we’d completely recovered from a ~60% drop and we’ve actually now seen an improvement in visibility from before we migrated, due to a much stronger SEO setup and various other improvements.

I’d definitely recommend Paul’s team to anyone looking for technical assistance with Magento or SEO help in general.
— Shilo Jones, VP of eCommerce at golfdiscount.com

More Information on the process

In order to complete the Magento SEO audit, we would need read-only access to your Google Analytics account, Google Search Console and your Magento back-end (with access to at least system config, rewrites, the catalog etc). Although the audits are all bespoke, the core sections of the report would be split into the following:

  • Magento configuration – recommendations around how you’ve configured your Magento store.
  • Technical Magento issues (issues with Magento rewrites, Magento parameters, layered navigation etc)
  • On-site duplicate content issues (configurable / simple products, aggregation of content across site, dynamic pages etc)
  • Website crawlability and accessibility (use of directives, methods for blocking access to pages, canonical implementation, internal linking etc)
  • Information architecture and category structure (and how it can be optimised to improve SEO and UX)
  • Off-site duplicate content issues (feed-related duplicate content, content scraping etc)