More Information

We are based in London, UK –¬†however, we work with merchants from all over the world (Australia, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, Italy) and we are more than comfortable working with businesses in different timezones. Although we don’t have the same experience of working with development partners in these countries, we’re more than happy to support RfP projects and discoveries. We’ve also run several RfP management projects in the US.

Key phases (not all projects include all phases)

  • Initial discovery session
  • Requirements gathering/scoping phase
  • Creation of project specification/functional requirements docs
  • Creation of tender documentation
  • Partner shortlisting and validation
  • Full RfP management (response management, organising of meetings, support in decision making)

Why choose us

Paul has been working in the Magento space for over 8 years and has managed many large RfP/discovery projects, as well as projects for smaller merchants. His experience of working on large Magento/eCommerce development projects, scoping out different types of projects and working with different Magento systems integrators helps to provide more assurance around the partner selection process.