Magento Replatforming Consulting

I provide consulting services as part of a Magento project team, comprising two certified Magento Developers and two Solutions Consultants. We’ve consulted around all aspects of launching and maintaining a Magento store and have worked on a variety of complex Magento replatforming and upgrade projects – with our roles ranging from problem solving and very specific consulting to project planning.

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Our team have consulted for retail businesses from all over the world, who have either upgraded their existing Magento store or moved onto the Magento platform – with services including performance consulting, code validation, back-end development and project scoping. Magento replatforming projects can be very complex, especially if you’re migrating from a less established platform – we’ve worked on over 30 large Magento replatforming projects and are happy to help on small and large tasks, for Magento Community and Enterprise stores.

We charge a flat hourly rate which is dependant on the scope of the work and the amount of time required.

Areas Covered

  • Product and customer data import
  • Third party integrations (such as ERP, CRM, POS, payment gateway, stock management etc)
  • Magento SEO consulting (pre-migration planning and delivery and recovery projects)
  • Specific Magento technical issues
  • Magento performance consulting
  • Pre-launch code assurance auditing
  • Supplier recommendations / RFP consulting
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More Information on the process

When we’re approached for project-based support, we’d generally start by doing a discovery session to help us understand the full scope of the project. We’d usually do this before we provide a fixed price for the work (depending on the size of the project). Once we’ve completed the discovery, we’d then schedule our developers and provide information around deadlines, dependencies etc and we’d also issue a statement of work. We’d generally require SSH, Git and Magento access, although we can be flexible on this.

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