Our Magento platform audit is designed to provide enterprise-level insight into all of the areas of where your Magento implementation can be improved. The audit would cover a host of core areas and would be made up of different audit documents – such as a Magento code audit, a Magento security audit, a Magento performance review, a customer experience review, a full customer acquisition audit and a review of your Google Analytics implementation.

More Information

The platform audit is completely bespoke and we vary what’s covered based on an initial discovery session, which allows us to better understand where your implementation is, your objectives for the project and the biggest problems you’re facing. Our project team are highly experienced in all of the core areas of the platform audit and we only focus on the parts that are going to deliver value, in terms of either platform stability, your online trading or scalability.

The audit would be carried out by our project team, which comprises of two highly experienced Magento developers (both have the Developer and Developer+ certifications) and two Magento Solutions Consultants.

Areas Covered

  • Performance Audit (Comprehensive assessment focused on optimising all aspects of performance, including your server, use of caching, front-end assets, Gzip compression, review of page templates etc)
  • Analysis and review of GA setup (use of GTM, accuracy of data, reports being used, use of advanced features, ecommerce tracking, enhanced ecommerce etc)
  • Code Audit (Full review of your Magento codebase, looking for issues related to changes to the core code, quality of custom modules, quality of integrations etc)
  • Customer acquisition review (look at effectiveness of different channels, technical SEO setup, performance tracking & reporting etc)
  • Customer experience review (effectiveness of site search, merchandising, product recommendations, email workflows, page templates, barriers to conversion etc)

More Information on the process

In order to complete the audit, we will require access to your server (ideally via SSH), your version control system, your Magento back-end, your Google Analytics account, your Google AdWords & merchant centre accounts and your Google Search Console account. It’s unlikely we’d need all over these, but it depends on the project.

Once we have access, we will start going through all of the individual areas that we cover within each of the audits. We will also ask a number of questions to help provide additional insights into current issues.

Once the audit reports have been completed, we will have a call to talk through all of the individual actions, which will be listed (and spec’d fully in the reports) and prioritised by impact and complexity to fix.