We’re not a Magento agency, we don’t take on long-term clients, we solely work on audits to provide an unbias view of your Magento implementation and infrastructure. 

More Information

The Magento code audits we provide are very comprehensive and are designed to be actionable, so you can apply the fixes either in-house or via another development agency, without the need for further consulting work. We can provide post-audit support where needed, however, generally we’d just provide the audit. We’ve worked on Magento Community and Enterprise sites from all over the world and the developers on our team have experience in resolving a wide range of complex issues on stores of all sizes.

Both of the developers who work on the audits have all of the currently available Magento developer certifications and have experience of working on large-scale Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores and complex integrations / custom extensions, as well as assessing stores. Although we’ve mostly audited Magento 1.x stores, we do have experience of working with Magento 2 stores too.

Areas Covered

  • Full review of Magento codebase
  • Review of changes to core code (and any issues caused)
  • Review of all third party extensions
  • Detailed review of all custom extensions
  • Review of server architecture and logs
  • Review of theme and front-end assets
  • Performance review (highlighting core issues)
  • Review of database performance and issues
  • Review of security patches and known vulnerabilities
  • Review of all other integrations

We approached paul and his development team to do a full code audit of our magento implementation, to identify issues and validate the findings and suggestions of another agency. We had a number of legacy issues following the first phase of development from a previous si and were looking for a second opinion on what’d been suggested by our new supplier for phase two.

The audit was very comprehensive and went into a lot of detail on a wide range of technical issues and they also provided a lot of guidance around implementing the fixes. The audit was very clear and actionable and paul’s lead developer, who talked us through all of the findings, is extremely knowledgable around the magento platform.

I would strongly recommend their service to anyone looking to make their store more stable and maintainable, or anyone looking to validate suggestions.— Sean Davey, Director at Home Hardware

More Information on the process

In order to complete the audit – we will require access to your server, your Magento back-end, Git / SVN access and also Google Analytics, just in case we need to analyse the impact of changes / issues.

We begin working on the research phase of the audit once this access has been granted and we’ve had an initial discovery session around the issues you’re currently facing and also what you’d like to get out of the audit.

We usually deliver the audit within 2-3 weeks. Once we’ve delivered the audit, we would then either have a phone conversation to discuss the findings or we’d answer any questions you have around the areas covered or around implementing the fixes. The audit would also include a prioritised list of all of the issues raised – ordered by impact and complexity to fix.

If you’d prefer for us to implement the changes, we can do this for an additional charge.