Magento Checkout Audit

I’ve completed a number of Magento checkout consultancy projects, with the objective of reducing cart abandonment, driving more sales and optimising the entire end-to-end process of checking out. All of my recommendations are based on extensive research, analysis of your web analytics data and, in most instances, user tests.

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My Magento checkout audits are designed to improve the effectiveness of your purchasing process, from when the user adds an item to cart to post-purchase. The main focus is generally around speeding up the process, reducing distractions and catering for as many users’ preferences as possible.

Areas covered

  • Review of cart and checkout templates
  • Review of payment options
  • Analysis of fields used (including address lookup etc)
  • Analysis around web analytics data (drop-off points, opportunities to increase AOV etc)
  • Review of "add to cart" process
  • Review of use of conversion aids and trust signals
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More information on the process

In order to complete the audit, I would need admin access to your Magento store and read-only only access to your web analysis package – I would also generally do a discovery call / meeting to run over current performance, objectives and the technology used across your store. 

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