More Information

We’ve supported luxury retailers in most areas of eCommerce trading and growth, with core focuses of previous projects being replatforming to a new eCommerce system, on-site merchandising, customer acquisition / growth strategy, web analytics, program auditing and management / delivery of large development projects. Between Josh (acquisition and analytics) and Paul (eCommerce and technical), our offering is fairly broad and, although we specialise in working with the Magento platform, we’ve also worked with merchants around Shopify Plus, Demandware, Oracle systems and other eCommerce platforms.

Services we provide

  • Full eCommerce audits
  • Requirements gathering / creation of functional specifications
  • Replatforming consultancy / platform selection
  • Retained eCommerce consultancy
  • eCommerce RfP / tender process management
  • eCommerce user experience consulting
  • Strategy consultancy and workshops
  • eCommerce paid media

More about the team

Paul has been working in eCommerce for around 10 years and has worked in-house, for various agencies and as an independent consultant. Paul’s background is very much focused on replatforming and he’s done a huge amount of work on improving the online channel for luxury brands.

Josh has been working in enterprise-level paid media for over 6 years and has worked with clients such as Google, Aston Martin, Schwarzkopf, Nintendo and lots of others. Josh focuses mainly on paid media, customer acquisition strategy, analytics and reporting.

We also have Eva working part-time who has worked exclusively in eCommerce and  merchandising roles for luxury brands.