Our service is very much geared towards mid-level retailers and is designed to be more proactive than the average PPC agency with more of a focus on eCommerce. I’d generally support Josh on the paid media accounts and help with guidance around things like eCommerce technology, merchandising, user experience and any other work that can help to grow a store online. Some of our clients include MyWalit, O’Neills, Linda Farrow, Gear4, Flavr, Lapicida and a number of others.

More Information

Josh has been working in and around the paid media space for over 6 years and I’ve been working in eCommerce for over 10 years. We’ve been working together in various capacities for a long time and developed the new offering at the end of 2016.

Our offering is designed to be more pro-active and more focused on growth than a standard paid search management retainer – we’re a very small consultancy and we don’t want to grow a big team or offer any other services outside of paid media and analytics (Josh) and eCommerce technology and UX (Paul).

Areas Covered

  • Pro-active account management and optimisation
  • Bi-weekly marketing calls (to discuss other activity and campaigns)
  • Monthly meeting (to discuss paid performance, account changes and other eCommerce opportunities)
  • Custom-built monthly reporting (built around agreed KPIs)
  • Quarterly performance review meeting (to review performance and agree targets)
  • Quarterly account audits

We have been very impressed by the positive impact that Paul and Josh have had on our paid search strategy. By helping to broaden the account, Lapicida have been able to drive a far better return on our investment.— Marketing Director, Lapicida

More Information on the process

Our standard paid media onboarding process would start with a comprehensive discovery, involving all key stakeholders – the focus would be around understanding¬†historic paid performance, other marketing activity and overall business objectives. After the discovery we’d start a full account audit, which would cover all ads across all paid channels, different bidding strategies, the effectiveness of all campaigns, analysis around remarketing and audiences, use of data around personalisation etc and lots of other areas.

Once we’d completed these two phases, we’d then look to re-build or re-structure the main account based on an agreed strategy to achieve the agreed KPIs.