We are experts in Google and Bing Shopping and manage all elements of feed creation, feed management and campaign management. Google Shopping continues to grow and be more prominent in eCommerce and now drives more revenue than text ads for a number of our clients, with campaigns ranging from £2k to over £35k monthly spend.

Google and Bing Shopping performance is largely dictated by the quality of your product feed and our team focuses on the optimisation of your product feed to drive more volume through shopping.

More Information

We structure and re-build shopping campaigns working closely with the client. We are able to work directly with your eCommerce platform to add and optimise product attribute data (such as brand, long description, title, product category etc) to structure products into closely related product groups. We regularly optimise campaigns and ensure the top performing products are split into their own product groups allowing an individual bid.

Services we’d provide

  • Google and Bing Shopping account creation / optimisation
  • Feed management (we also have experience of working directly with most eCommerce platforms and third party services)
  • Feed data optimisation
  • Account optimisation

How we work with clients

We also work closely with a number of clients to establish KPIs and CPA targets across different product groups. We regularly work with clients to build out specific custom labels to help with management, reporting and optimisation. Profit margin is often an area we focus on and by using custom labels we can effectively split and manage products with a high-profit margin separately.

Our paid advertising team have extensive experience of working with all paid media channels, including display, YouTube, Amazon, Bing & Google search and paid social. In addition to retained management services, we also provide Google Shopping consultancy and account auditing.