Over the last few years, I’ve worked alongside a number of partners, to help aid projects I’ve been working on around Magento and ecommerce. I’ve worked with agencies, merchandising companies, paid search agencies, search providers, UX / UI professionals, designers, developers, personalisation companies, CRO companies, analysts and lots more.

The companies listed below are those that I’ve rated very highly and have consequently. partnered with.


Nosto are a very highly regarded and widely used personalisation company, with a strong integration for Magento (amongst other platforms). Nosto work with some of the UK’s biggest merchants, including some of my clients and I’d strongly recommend them.

Nosto is considered to be one of the world’s leading personalisation companies and it’s also the fastest-growing.

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Algolia is a super fast, advanced on-site search solution that allows for richer search experiences. Algolia is very highly regarded for its easy integration and super fast experience – leading to them raising nearly $18m in funding earlier this year.

Algolia’s innovative solution is already used by lots of large retailers from all over the world and its ability to facilitate for rich content search, on-the-fly indexing and type detection puts it right at the top of the game.

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GPMD are a leading Magento agency specialising in Magento Enterprise implementations. GPMD have worked with a number of large brands including Fenwick, Cowshed and The Watch Gallery.

I previously worked for GPMD and know personally that they have a very strong team across digital marketing, design / user experience and development.

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Peer1 are one of the world’s leading Magento hosting companies and they manage servers for some of the biggest merchants on the Magento platform. Peer1 have hosted a number of sites for my clients and they’ve never failed to impress across hosting and support.

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Pin Point Designs are a boutique Magento agency, based in Harrogate, who have worked on a host of strong Magento Community and Enterprise implementations. They have a strong design and development team and they’re very cost effective compared to larger SIs.

I’ve worked with Pin Point on a number of projects and they’ve always impressed.

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Shero Designs are a New York-based Magento development agency who have worked on some great ecommerce sites for a number of large brands. Shero are very strong across design and development and they also have in-house capabilities for marketing and strategy work.

Brands they’ve worked with include the Guggenheim museum and the New York Times.

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Very strong, full-service Magento agency based in Manchester. I’ve worked on a host of projects with Webtise and they’re definitely one of the strongest agencies in the UK in their bracket! They’ve over-delivered on all of the projects I’ve worked on with them and they’re very cost-effective compared to most of their competitors.

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Klevu is a leading search provider with an existing integration with Magento. Klevu is used by stores of all sizes and has three different packages / solutions. Their technology is exceptional and their latest, more enterprise-level solution is likely to have a big impact on this area of ecommerce.

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