One of the most common services we provide is interim cover for eCommerce teams, be it for every day eCommerce operations or covering a large project (generally replatforming projects).

In the past, we’ve provided short-term and mid-term interim eCommerce support for roles such as eCommerce Product Owner, eCommerce Manager and as a Head of eCommerce – for retailers ranging from ambitious startups to large, global companies.

Our small team (consisting of me and my colleague Shamoli) have worked for and with some of the biggest retailers in the UK and we’ve worked with most enterprise and mid-market eCommerce platforms between the two of us – as well as other eCommerce and retail systems.

Examples of areas we can support on an interim basis include:

  • Day-to-day eCommerce channel management
  • eCommerce team management
  • Merchandising activities
  • General eCommerce platform management
  • Replatforming project management
  • Management and execution of optimisation projects
  • Overlooking of marketing activity