Retained eCommerce Consultancy

Although most of our engagements are project-based, we do also work on a retained basis, where we’d agree focuses / objectives each month or quarter. We work with a number of mid-level and enterprise-level eCommerce businesses on a retained basis, covering eCommerce technology, customer experience and overall strategy. Examples of things we’d generally overlook as part of this relationship could be managing a larger replatforming projects, working alongside in-house teams to fill skill-gaps, delivery of a large eCommerce-related project (e.g. a complex integration or re-skin) and general eCommerce strategy.

Fixed-Scope eCommerce Consulting

We most commonly provide fixed-scope, project-based eCommerce consultancy based on a flat hourly rate / day rate. Generally, a client would get in touch with requirements and we’d then discuss our preferred approach for the project, along with a time estimate etc. A lot of the projects we take on are focused on eCommerce platforms – our biggest focus is on Magento 2 and Shopify Plus on this side, although we do also work with others. Examples of projects we’ve worked on recently include platform selection consultancy, Magento consultancy, requirements gathering / project scoping, eCommerce project management, eCommerce project planning etc.

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We are a small London-based eCommerce consultancy, comprising three full-time team members and two part-time contractors. Paul and Eva focus primarily on eCommerce technology, consultancy generally and customer experience, Josh and Emily then overlook the paid media side of things, which is growing really fast.

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Paul has been working in and around eCommerce for around 10 years and has worked with a host of well-known, global retailers. Paul’s focus is primarily on helping clients platform selection, replatforming projects, Magento and UX.

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Josh has been working in paid media for over 6 years and has worked with a host of enterprise-level brands, including Aston Martin, Google and Nintendo. Josh manages all of the paid media, and reporting side of things for our clients.