The Definitive Guide to Magento 2 Checkout Best Practice

The native Magento 1 checkout was a laborious 6-step process and was widely criticised by merchants and partners, with most opting to use a third party module or re-build it. Unsurprisingly, merchants sought more compact checkout alternatives, and often opted for One Step Checkout, which provides a clean… Read More

Top Luxury Fashion & Lifestyle eCommerce Sites

The luxury market has been known to be a bit slower on the digital transformation side of things than its mid-market & high street counterparts but over the last 3-5 years eCommerce has become a priority in the luxury fashion space with strong visuals, carefully curated content & a seamless… Read More

The Definitive Guide to eCommerce Product Reviews

We’ve done lots of work around implementations and general best practice with product reviews over the last few years and this guide is designed to cover all of the key considerations – from the integration to design and UX. Why implement product reviews? The main benefits of User Generated… Read More

Suitability of Shopify Plus for Large eCommerce Websites

Shopify Plus has been growing astronomically over the last few years, with merchants of all sizes from all over the world seeing the appeal of reduced sys-admin overhead, unquestionable scalability, simple admin and order management, and impressive flexibility. I’ve recently started working with Shopify… Read More