• Layered / Faceted Navigation SEO Issues in Magento

    Layered or faceted navigation is one of the most common causes of duplicate content and it is well-known for causing frustrating issues for SEOs due to over-indexation and increased levels of low quality pages. The main reason I’m writing this article, as well as to help Magento developers and site owners, is because I get asked…

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  • Choosing a Magento Development Agency / Developer

    Choosing an agency or freelancer is always difficult, because they usually say the same things and make the same promises, making it very difficult for potential clients (especially those who haven’t done their research or worked with an RFP partner) to understand what makes an agency a good fit for their project. From experience, I…

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  • 9 Reasons to Use or Migrate to Magento

    Magento is the world’s biggest ecommerce platform which has been chosen by over 200,000 retailers world-wide, ranging from small start-ups to the likes of Fred Perry, Harvey Nichols, Warby Parker and many more. You can find more examples of Magento websites in my Magento showcase blog post here. Magento was only officially released in 2008…

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