Pre & Post-Migration SEO Tips for Magento Websites

I decided to write this blog post because I get a lot of Magento retailers asking me for help after they’ve migrated to Magento from another platform from an SEO perspective. Lots of retailers lose visibility, traffic and revenue as a result of either… Read More

The Definitive Guide to Magento SEO

Magento is widely regarded as one of the most challenging ecommerce platforms from an SEO perspective, due to the complexity of it’s rewrite engine, reliance on dynamic content and complex codebase (compared to other PHP platforms), amongst other things. That said, all of the SEO issues associated with… Read More

Guide to Selecting an Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

As a successful merchant selling online, the question of what ecommerce platform to use (or re-platform to) is always a really tough decision to make. Enterprise ecommerce solutions don’t come cheap and they require a huge amount of time (and a lot of people) to implement, run and maintain. This… Read More

Guide to Adding Rich Snippets in Magento

Rich snippets represent a great way to make your existing organic visibility more efficient, by making your listings more compelling and visible to prospective users of your website. There are a number of different types of structured data that can help to illustrate relevance and authority for your pages and they… Read More

Improving Magento Speed / Performance Guide

Magento may lead the way in terms of features, scalability, flexibility, system security and reliability compared to most other ecommerce platforms, but all of the advanced functionality / features that Magento has comes at the cost of having a large number of files and large databases, as well as a… Read More

SEO issues caused by URL rewrites in Magento

Magento’s rewrite functionality is definitely not the easiest thing to get your head around (especially as an SEO) and it’s caused me countless issues over the last few years, primarily from an SEO perspective. I’ve written this article to help merchants understand and resolve SEO issues caused by Magento’s URL… Read More

SEO Considerations for BazaarVoice Reviews

BazaarVoice is an enterprise-level review platform that has a lot of great features and functionality – and, in my opinion it’s the best review vendor on the market. The BazaarVoice implementation that I’ve learnt from is based on an Endeca (enterprise .net platform) website, which may be… Read More

Refer a Senior Developer and earn £2k

My employers, GPMD, are currently looking to hire a new Senior Developer and are offering a £2,000 referral fee to anyone who recommends the right person. If you know of anyone who could be interested in this role, or you feel that you are suited to the position, please… Read More