Magento 2 Enterprise Edition vs Shopify Plus

For online retailers, there are a wide choice of eCommerce platforms to choose from, with varying benefits and functionality. At the mid-level end of the market, the pot gets much smaller, with a relatively low number of platforms offering the levels of functionality, security and scalability that £1m… Read More

A Guide to Using Customer Groups in Magento

As one of the most fully-featured eCommerce platforms on te market, Magento contains a huge array of functionality, to cater for the needs of every type of online store, from small, independent businesses with just a handful of products, to international retailers and wholesalers with vast product catalogs. Read More

Review of the Magento2 Bootcamp Course from MageTraining

This week, I attended the three day Magento2 Merchant Bootcamp course, delivered by Deryck from MageTraining. I booked the course a couple of months ago, along with Lewis and Craig from Pinpoint (who are one of my consulting clients). Despite the unquestionable issues facing Magento2 at present, I wanted… Read More

Optimising Magento’s Search Function

The statistics for online retail in the UK continue to show substantial growth, with the average weekly online spend up to £931 million in September 2016, a rise of 22% from the previous September. With online spending accounting for just 15% of all retail spending, it’s clear that… Read More

MageTitans USA – a non-developers perspective

Earlier this week, I set off from London to Austin to attend the first #MageTitansUSA event, organized by Space48 and WebShopApps / ShipperHQ (I should say early on that my flights were courtesy of the awesome MageMojo). Despite not being a developer, I’ve already been… Read More

Costs of Building / Maintaining a Magento Store

Magento is an extremely popular ecommerce platform that powers some of the world’s biggest online stores, as well as sites at all levels. Magento’s technology is responsible for over 250,000 stores and is widely considered to be the biggest ecommerce platform in the world. One of the issues that lots… Read More

Magento Extension Review: Gift Cards from Mageworx

For Magento store owners looking for new ways to maximise revenue, gift cards could be a lucrative new opportunity. Stores operating in the consumer goods sector, selling gifts, jewellery or homewares for example, are the most obvious candidates for a successful gift card strategy. With a little creative thinking, gift… Read More