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This category features a wide range of guides focused on the Shopify Plus platform.

  • Shopify & Shopify Plus Launch Checklist – Pre & Post Launch Tasks & Checks

    Launching a new eCommerce store or replatforming is always a very stressful time, no matter how much time and resource you’ve allocated to the project and preparing for the launch. Although Shopify is generally a much cleaner process than with other platforms, things can still go wrong and it’s vital to put a strong testing…

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  • Shopify Plus Pricing & Cost of Ownership

    For merchants of any size, from new retail brands right up to enterprise-level international organisations, moving to a new eCommerce platform can be an extremely daunting and challenging prospect. Aside from ensuring that the required functionality is present, the platform is robust and reliable and the transition to the new platform is meticulously planned, merchants…

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  • Best Shopify Plus Website Examples

    Over the last ~24 months, Shopify Plus has seen huge growth – both in terms of merchants moving across to the newly more enterprise-orientated platform and in their reputation as a mid-level / enterprise-level contender. Shopify Plus offers a host of benefits against other systems, including being provided as a hosted SaaS solution (as opposed to…

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  • Luxury Brands & Retailers using Shopify Plus

    The last few years have been really interesting in terms of eCommerce platforms – with Shopify Plus being the real challenger in the luxury, lifestyle and fashion markets – putting pressure on the likes of Magento Commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud in particular. I was recently looking for luxury Shopify Plus examples for a client…

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  • Building an In-House Shopify Team – Internalising Development for Shopify Plus

    Introduction Over the past 12-18 months, as Shopify Plus has continued to grow for bigger and more complex retailers, I’ve had a number of clients that have decided to take their development in-house, for a variety of reasons and with varying impacts in different areas. This seems to be a bit of a trend with…

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  • Shopify Plus

    Category / Visual Merchandising with Shopify Plus – Solutions & Providers

    With Shopify Plus being such a popular choice with fashion and lifestyle retailers, one of the questions I get asked most commonly is how the platform can be improved for visual merchandising of collections. Different retailers have different requirements here, but overall most are trying to achieve a similar end goal, to reduce manual effort…

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  • Using a PIM with Shopify Plus – Benefits & Solutions

    Over the last year or so I’ve worked on a few different projects that have involved a PIM (across Magento and Shopify Plus), which has helped to make data migration much easier, allow for more complex logic, add a layer of data governance, take various things out of the eCommerce platform and generally make managing…

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  • Creating breadcrumbs in Shopify Plus without using collection path in URLs

    This is something that a lot of Shopify Plus stores either seem to get wrong or they prioritise journey-based breadcrumbs, in my opinion – so I decided to write up what I consider to be best practice, from both an SEO and usability perspective. Although the ideal scenario would be that product URLs would remain…

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