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    Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms Guide – Platform Comparison + Replatforming Guidance

    I originally wrote this guide in 2015 and have then updated it a number of times since then, as the platform options and capabilities have changed. I last updated this piece in August 2020. You can jump to the different sections via the links below. Requirements Gathering & Considerations Existing Platform & Setup Budgeting for…

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  • Shopify & Shopify Plus Launch Checklist – Pre & Post Launch Tasks & Checks

    Launching a new eCommerce store or replatforming is always a very stressful time, no matter how much time and resource you’ve allocated to the project and preparing for the launch. Although Shopify is generally a much cleaner process than with other platforms, things can still go wrong and it’s vital to put a strong testing…

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  • Open Source eCommerce Platforms – Enterprise & Mid-Market Options

    Choosing an eCommerce platform can be a long and difficult process, whether it’s a replatforming exercise, a completely new build or anything in between. Aside from just building business and functional requirements and looking at TCO etc, coming up with a shortlist of potential platforms typically involves looking at in-house teams and resources (both technical…

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  • BigCommerce Enterprise Review – Introduction to BigCommerce

    BigCommerce is primarily an SMB and mid-market SaaS eCommerce platform with a sizeable market share in these areas in North America and over 80,000 users, globally. Here’s a TLDR overview of the BigCommerce platform: BigCommerce is a cost-effective SMB and mid-market SaaS eCommerce platform BigCommerce is often compared to Shopify, due to the SaaS nature…

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  • An introduction to Shopware & Shopware Enterprise

    Shopware is an enterprise-level eCommerce platform, well-known for having the most live stores in Germany and also for powering some of the largest online stores in the market. Having grown to aurgably market-leading status in it’s native Germany, Shopware is now starting to enter new European territories and is making big strides in the UK.…

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