About the MageSEO Module

MageSEO is an easy to configure, yet comprehensive Magento SEO plugin that eliminates costly technical SEO issues that can cause problems with over-indexation and duplicate content. MageSEO is used by a wide range of Magento Community and Magento Enterprise retailers and it is also used by Magento development and SEO agencies from all over the world.

MageSEO is an easy to install, easy to use plugin which adds a lot of valuable functionality to the back-end of your Magento store. 

If you’re looking for Magento SEO guidance, I’d suggest you read this guide to Magento SEO.


Do you support the extension

Yes, if you have any problems installing the module (which you shouldn’t), we will provide development support or a refund, in the unlikely scenario that there are unresolvable issues (never had that yet).

How many stores are using MageSEO

I’m not sure on the exact number, but it’s somewhere between 30 and 60, across Magento Community and Enterprise editions.

Which issues can MageSEO resolve?

There are lots of issues that can be resolved by using this plugin, but the most popular ones are indexing of layered navigation pages, indexing of pagination, indexing of sort / order pages, indexing of session IDs, inability to add meta robots tags or edit the robots.txt file.

Is there an agency version available?

Yes, we’ve sold a number of agency licenses, we tend to discuss the price on a case by case basis.

Key MageSEO Features

  • Meta robots configurator (inc REGEX match)
  • Robots.txt editor
  • Rel next and prev
  • Trailing slash canonical options
  • Page-level canonical editor
  • Page-level meta robots editor

Happy Customers


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Magento Community License - $249 (on-off cost) Buy Community License